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Pick Up Your Hooks and Other Crap!


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I am pretty damn disappointed by the lack of brains some fisherman HAVE!!

Whilst cast netting down at the Jindalee pontoon (The one by the skate park)tonight my Labby pup got a nice big hook through his paw!!!!

On closer inspection there was another smaller hook and swivel attached to some line, just tossed and left for someone to stand on...human or animal!!! Whoever was fishing there yesterday or today and left these laying around - YOU MY FRIEND ARE AN IDIOT!

The hooks and discarded line was definitely left last night or today cause I was down at the same pontoon yesterday.

I was cast netting bare feet and now my dog is pretty sore and sorry for himself...plus you F..$#ked up my fishing session.

You know who you are if you are on this site........

Sorry for the rant people but I would love to give this person a few piercing! It's just good manners to pick up your litter, hooks, line etc and take it with you. Most of us do the right thing but for this to happen makes me mad as hell!


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Hope the pooch is ok mate!

This is one thing that really gets my goat, as I'm forever fishing barefoot too. Another thing I've noticed that these sought of people do too is leave the toadies or catties on the platform to die slowly. Nothing worse than a family with couple of kids goes for a walk along a jetty on a Sunday morning, only to see dead toadies, catties & heaps of line, hooks etc littering the deck. No wonder we get a bad name!

On the plus side I haven't bought sinkers or swivels for a while now due to the amount I've picked up recently while fishing! :laugh:

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that sucks dude, but it happens alot around there i know. I used to fish the pontoon your talking about as well as some other one around the area. Ive bags of smelly bait left on pontoons, hooks line, broken rods, and of course the old pile of empty bundy cans left behind.

And pinky's right, they are the reason we cannot fish from many pontoons and jetties.

Always take your rubbish with, if you know a bins not near, bring a plastic bag to carry the crap.

I know we are all guilty of at some time making a mess or leaving(accidently) things behind, but some poeople seem to make an effort to wreck and mess a place up!

Hope the dogs ok

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Thanks all for the kind words re Milo...I'll pass them on! :laugh:

Not sure if it's a good thing or a bad but the hook was a red 4.0 chemically sharpended so it went straight through the side of his pad, luckily I had my leatherman with me and I cut the head off and slid it through but man it broke my heart.........

Amazingly he is walking not to bad this morning, he licked his paw raw last night and I called my ex's Dad who is a vet, he said that if it gets infected etc then get him over to the vet for antibiotics but if not he should be right.

Hey Angus

LETS START AFO "Green Fishing" awarness campaign!?

How can we as fisherman help save the enviroment?

Start by leaving with all one's litter, off cuts of mono, hooks and spare bait?

After watching that horrific 60 minutes show regarding the plastic soup that is swirling around in the middle of the pacific I get so pissed off when I see plastic bags and cans floating in our rivers and sea.

Everytime I go yakking I return to the boat ramp with bottles, cans and the worst plastic packets in the footwell of the yak, I then throw them in the bin hopping that they won't get dumped back in the sea! Next time you trim that little piece of mono, don't think aggh it's just a little piece, truth be know fish eat that and either die or they get poisened.


I am pretty passionate about this, sorry for the rant!


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Nitris wrote:

I KEEL U Whoever u are :angry:

What did I do! Oh "KEEL you" not "KREEL you" - well thats ok.

We pick up rubbish just about everywhere we've been fishing lately. I especially get p!$$ed off about the rubbish people stuff in between rock wall rocks. You have to imagine the mentality that says out of sight is out of mind - I imagine their homes with great big lumps of rubbish under every rug and carpet.

Hope the Batdog is pampered for a while mate.

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Next to the skate park under the centenary bridge on the pontoon....

I live in the windermere estate about 1km from there. I walk/ride past there everyday and it would have been skool kids (or fresh out of skool, remembering grade 12 is now finished), or foreigners that just don't care.

I was going to do a report last week but i didn't get a good photo, the disused marine jetty about 2.5-3 km's upstream along the bike path, there were about 5 foreigners down there, they were fishing with frozen prawns, keeping bream under 20cm. They would have had about 15-20 in their plastic bag (none even close to legal).

2 of them were also on their really expensive laptops while fishing ???

I confronted them (i was on my bike), they just mumbled to me in a language that i couldn't understand. I tried to take photos with my phone, but without getting a good angle in the plastic bag, no good. The next day i was down there (i think wednesday last week), they left all their rubbish, empty bait packets, drink cartons, the works.

I was thinking of reporting it, but it's council property, no fencing, and a pretty dangerous area in all, so the council would just demolish the marine jetty if people starting complaining.

Perhaps i should have started another thread with this... sorry for the long read.

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Good thread, esp for newbies, but I don't ever litter anyways so it is just common sense to take all yer crap home with ya and there's usually a bin near by anyways. What is the done thing when seeing people keeping undersize fish? When I was balanced on me rock down Tingalpa it is amazing how much line and hooks are in the bushes by the platforms. As you say, a green campaign can only do good. Bring home more than you take, every little countsB) Why don't people leave any bait for when I've run out???;)

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Batman it sucks like a dyson, that your trusty 4 footed companion copped a hook. I'm sure he'll / she'll be ok.

Everyone here is spot on about all the crap being left about.

Before i got the timmie i was amazed with how much shyt was left on pontoons. Its bad enough that just paper / plastic is left lying about, let alone the fact that a heap of it no doubt finds it way into the water ways to play russian rulette with the water intakes / impellors on the outboards.

I used to frequent the oxley creek poontoon and when the prawns were on, the pontoon was always covered in mud. I have no problems with throwing a cast net off there but clean up afterwards with a couple buckets of water out of the creek.

Last time i was there it had been refurbished and a ned wign was errected "no fishing" go figure!!! A great outcome NOT:angry:

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crap left everywhere sucks ,its common sense to take your leftovers/rubbish home. i was taught as a kid boating,camping and 4x4 that u leave a place like u have never even been there.we where down at the jindalee pontoon on sunday 26/10 and wasn't to bad just some junk mail there that we took home to bin.ah the handy bucket take 2 1 for fish 1 for rubbish.:)

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I always make it a mission to pick up other peoples crap whereever I go..&*%$# that it's there in the first place. I have a tendancy to be vocal if i see people doing it. As for people catching undersize fish, I go up and pretend I'm from DPI,or some such thing, a few times i've done it the fish have been in livewells, and i've made them throw them back, I always have a gigle later and feel better for it!

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don't know if ne of fish under the pine bridge but getting down from the highway on the northbound side is suicidal..dodging all the broken glass and assoted crap then when u get to the bottom, again u find everyone else cast-offs, as for cigarette butts i am a smoker and i carry a butt bin with me whenever i fish so at least i am doing my part u can pick them up at cheapy shops for $2...

btw hope the dog is ok and makes many more trips with u

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butt buckets/bins r the way 2 go. i used to just put the buts over the side of the boat like the old man, but now have one of those little ciggie thingy's.

best thing is, now my old man uses it all the time.

from what i've heard, the cig butts on the top of the water look like bait, and the dolphins often go for them

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good topic and while we are on it

I often castnet at Oxley creek pontoon.

If you go there fishing/castnetting please do not leave rubbish behind.

Not saying that anyone here has done so but maybe the word will get around as there has been some disgraceful littering left behind by fisherman there.

For example-

--eating maccas and leaving the the entire

packageing on the pontoon.

--leaving Jim beam cans and coke cans behind

--leaving hook packets and prawn packets behind and

white plastic bags that held bait

-- If your castnetting bucket all the mud off the

pontoon afterwards.

That pontoon is commonly used by the rowing club and even though I have no affiliation with them what so ever I beleive they are pretty tolerant and those that are littering the area are giving fisherman a bad name.


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I tell you what you can't knock Noosa Council for looking after their enviroment! I went yakking with the missus on the weekend near the Noosa River mouth and spotted "spare fish line & other fishing crap bins" all over the place!

Took a pic:



Super impressed! Maybe AFO can lobby the council to get these installed?


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