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NPD 24 Oct 08 New PB Yella!!!


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After going fishless on my last two trips to NPD I thought perhaps I was due a good session.

Jimmybob had the afternoon off and we organised to meet in the Mcgavins area at about 2.30.

I was a bit late and Jim was already on the board with a turtle:P that took his bait but no bass on lures.

I lost 2 lures in quick time and was loosing my positive vibe...then I tied on a new lure and it all changed:ohmy:

Just this week I purchased some "Vendetta Blades" off ebay. These are very similar to the TT and Ecogear products and I bought them hoping that the bass at NPD might like them.

The bass didn't, but something did.

I was having a chat with Jim, when I felt a solid take and something with quite a bit of weight was thumping away on the business end of my line.

It hit deep and I called it for a yella as it didn't have the same energy you normally feel in a bass fight.

As I worked it into the shallows we got excited:woohoo: a big flash of silver and gold had our hearts racing so I backed off the drag and slowly guided it to shore. Grabing the 16lb leader I tried to beach it...snap...@$&%#...got it!:woohoo:

As quickly as possible we got the lip grips on it and got it back in the water while we prepared for some pics.

Pics taken with shaking hands we managed to free the lure and the beast made it's way back into the deep after a quick swim in the shallows.

Alas for the yella, it surfaced on it's side minutes later about 15m out from shore. Jim and I decided that it would not survive so we had to cast at it and catch it again:blush: .

Jim was the lucky angler (we now both have the same PB yella:laugh: ), and the yella came home with me as a pressie for my parents.

Despite that cracking start and many lures donated to the snag gods, that was the only fish for the session.

Thanks for the company Jim, always great to fish with ya.

[img size=402]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/npd_24_oct_008.jpg

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Thanks fellas,

I think that perhaps it had air in it's belly from where the back hooks lodged (it did inhale the lure). A lot of air escaped from it's gut cavity when we eventually gutted it.

The hooks came out fairly easy and with no blood, but it just couldn't stay underwater. We tried swimming it some more and resting it in the shallows but it was buggered.


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congrats again rocket...a bloody wicked yella!..i have posted up a vid of the catch on the afo facebook page ;)

will put up some pics i took too in a moment...

that was one hell of a yella..

please note rocket tried his heart out to get the fish healthy and back in the dam....alas she was no good:(

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After being in the fridge for a day to "set" the fat layer under the skin, I filleted up the beast and we had it for dinner last night. Even allowing for my basic filleting skills I got 4 really large fillets off, gave 2 to Mum and Dad and the other two were more than enough for Kath and I.

There are many and vastly differing opinions on the merit of golden perch (yellowbelly) as a table fish, but I reckon it cooked up pretty well.

Cut into fish "nuggets", flour, egg, breadcrumbs and parmasen coating, shallow fried, served with chips and salad...can't say it was any worse than any fish I've had in the past.

Mind you I'll start eating more fish when they find a T-Bone flavoured fishy!:lol:

I'd still love to have let her go, but at least she didn't go to waste;)

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Great sized yella mate, tis a shame when they give up the ghost. But that's fishing. I've noticed that yella's that get hooked on the roof of their mouth don't do so well after release. Especially ones that size.Hard to tell from the pic but was that one hooked on the roof of the mouth ?

Bit of meat on that one hey ?

They are partial to blade lures, they scoff them down like lollies, the greedy buggas.

Looking forward to the bigger sized switchblades when they finally hit the shelves. The yellas are going to love them.;)

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Interesting stuff. I've caught a few out there and a lot of them have gulped the lure right down.

I use a long pair of forceps for this reason. I know a lot of people say to just cut the line close to the mouth but when you take out a personal loan to buy a lure, you kind of want to keep them.

Bass seem to hook on the outside of the gob mostly.Thank goodness for that.

A lot of it has to do with the strike as well.

Slightly different eating habits I suppose. Must be a sensitive spot on the roof of the yellas mouth.

By the way, I've got a yella photo like that one and I got such a kick out of it that I had to frame it and hang it on the wall. ( while ignoring protests from the wife )

I bet you still smile when you look at it months from now.

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One of the 1st yellas I caught at NPD was around 7lb and when I released it, it rolled belly up. I quickly worked out that I had played it for to long and the reason for this was I was using a rod that was under gunned. Since then I have mostly used a stiffer rod, 6 to 10lb and have not had the prob again and I have caught ***s large and small.

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