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Recent Somerset trip


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This beauty was caught trolling... It was a rather large lure. When chasing these fish it doesn't really matter to much on the type of lure, just as long as it's big. Wel thas what I have found anyway.

As for catching one out of the kayak... I'm working up to it. Although after my trip to Monduran catching a cod out of it should be a piece of cake. I'm sure I will get there one day.

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chubbstar wrote:

:blink: Good god Tony, :ohmy: Did that thing eat your Dad? Is that why we haven't heard from him?

Top effort mate, Just friggen AWESOME!!:woohoo:


Na, Dad hasn't been abducted by aliens or gone missing at sea.

He's changed roles at work and is doing a grillion hours a week at the moment and taking his Mum to Brissie for Radium therapy in his spare time.

He is still getting in a morning session on the water most Saturdays.

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