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Rocket hits 2000


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Ok, been away for a week or so, noticed Rocket has hit the 2000 posts, but cant find a post about it, so here goes - (if there is a post already, well I'll blame it on advancing years and early onset dementia )

Congrats Rocket, was a nice steady pace there for a while, then you got with the program and tossed in that job that kept you away from the site, and your posts accelerated markedly! Then you got another job so you could go fishing midweek all the time and rub it in, gee come to think of it, I dont know why I am congratulating you at all - you mongrel! :blink:

Go get a ball and chain job that takes up valuable fishing time like the rest of us!

sorry, I digress - 2000 posts! well done! :P

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