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South West Dams tour


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Had to go out to Texas for a day with work, so did a tour of the dams from Texas back to Brisbane through Inglewood, Warwick and Boonah.

Did not have a rod, or time to use one, but took a few pics of the various dams. Rotten work's Digital camera is a canon, so does not take standard USB connectors, so will have to wait until monday to get the pics off it :angry: (did not get back into town until after normal knockoff)

When I do I will post em here!

Oh and for you blokes whinging about the cold - it was minus 7 this morning in Inglewood, there was still ice on the car at 9:00am, after we had driven 100k!

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Yeah, lived out west for 5 years in the late eighties, had a ball.

Not the same anymore, all tourists, .

In my day if you got a pie and asked for sauce your were asked if you thought it was christmas, nowdays you can buy frothy coffee in most western towns, - gone soft they have! :( They even have TV! and 24 hour mains power.

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I dunno, out at charliville they still grown tough, but they still give you the good old country service. Theres stil some good characters in the local pub. My dad lived out that way aswell and he loved it, fishing the warrego river catching yellas and cod. if i had the choice i would live out that way.


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Well the photo's are posted.

Just a few shots of each dam -

Glenlyon - East of Texas

Coolmunda - just east of Inglewood

Leslie - Just west of Warwick

Moogerah - South west of Brisbane

Some good ones of a bloke launching his boat, must be 500m past the end of the boat ramp at Moogerah!

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