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SIP Funding


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Found this on sweetwater site. I tried to find it on DPI website and couldnt find it so I pinched it . Sorry Fitzy.



Impoundment Total Amount Allocated

Burdekin Dam 31,392

Wivenhoe Dam 38,027

Fred Haigh Dam 55,285

Peter Faust Dam 33,044

Somerset Dam 42,611

Tinaroo Falls Dam 40,349

Bjelke Petersen Dam 23,734

Boondooma Dam 29,106

Wuruma Dam 15,664

Lake Coolmunda 24,296

Leslie Dam 27,878

Teemburra Dam 16,385

Kinchant Dam 13,165

Moogerah Dam 15,480

Eungella Dam 12,218

Cania Dam 14,777

Borumba Dam 19,935

Lenthalls Dam 9,295

Lake Clarenden 0

Maroon Dam 11,833

Lake MacDonald 7,297

Gordonbrook Dam 0

Lake Gregory 6,011

Lake Dyer 3,572

Connolly Dam 2,461

Callide Dam 15,369

Cooby Dam 7,652

Cressbrook Dam 11,612

Glenlyon Dam 26,541

Storm King Dam 5,602

North Pine Dam 2,923

Theresa Creek Dam 3,034

Fairbairn Dam 8,452

Good to see NPD there.

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adambris wrote:

would be nicer to see a bit more, but at least we made it :)

Suppose you mean NPD??

has just joined the SIP system so probably why.

When you purchase your SIP you do have a individual say where you want your money to go, or you can choose split my 35 bucks across the lot.

Easy for me, I choose Big W alone all the time.

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