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NPD Report 13/6/09


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Ferg and I rolled up at the Dam about 7ish this morning to find a lovely sunny day, light wind and not to cold at 10 degrees.

We were quickly on the water, and headed off to toss some lures around in the shallows over the flooded grass and trees. Fished for an hour or so for no luck until Aaron showed up. A bit of a yarn, and Aaron gave us some shrimp as backup in case the lures continued to be quiet.

We headed off for a couple of steep banks that we new were still in the shade. First one was fairly quiet until we had just about fished the full length of it when Ferg's favourite bass catching lure was hit hard by something big. He was only running 4 kilo line, and it just raced in to the timber pulling drag all the way and wrapped him around the sticks.

We spent about 10 minutes trying every trick in the book to free it up, but in the end had to give it up and just try brute strength, which resulted in the inevitable bust off.

We then cruised down to the next steep wall and tossed lures along there. We had by this stage stuck the spare rods off the back side of the boat with Aarons live shrimp on the standard paternoster, while we cast from the other side of the boat. No luck on the lures, but we picked one bass each on the bait. You saved the day for us Aaron!

Day was getting on, so we went and checked the redclaw pots, got a mate wanting to stock his private dam with redclaw. There was not a lot in the pots, a few biguns, a few little uns, a few more shrimp, maybe half a 20litre esky full all up. By then it was time to head home.

Meet a few people at the ramp, I I knew, another 3 one of whom was wearing a AFO jumper so I introduced myself, and in typical fashion their name went in one ear and out the other!

Interestingly enough although it was a perfect day today, there were only 5 boats out. As a comparison last weekend when the conditions were worse, there were 30 odd boats out!








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i didnt make it out there today but im loaded and charged for tomorow

ive moved the batterys infront of the rear seat to compensate for the huge power generated by the 2 motors :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

and braced the seat mount for the new improved skipper chair :)

ill post a report tomorow if i catch something

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Had a reasonable day today boated seven bass today with biggest going 42cm, got 2 on Blitz bragas on the troll, which I then lost by snagging and to my disbelief saw float back to the surface only to be taken off the surface by a fish with no line attached :blink:, purple stumpjumper got fish, and a few on shrimp over near the island. Feral had some redclaw for you but ya disappeared so they are now going to be seared with a little garlic butter. Keith (angrysalmon) had an interesting method of releasing his bass boatside :P , we will work on getting one in the boat next time mate :P , and an interesting catch of an eel tailed cattie on a blade.

A great day, excellent weather, thanks to Keith for being a good deckie and photos are on my new phone which is going to take me a while to work out how to download.

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