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In search of a bass, big or small

Fosh n Chops

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G'day all,

Was fishing with a mate yesterday and got to start talkin about going for a fish in search of a mighty bass, as we have never targeted them. I have done alot of research through the forums on them and have got some great information on leaders to use, spinner baits, lures etc... But it seems you use your yaks and boats. Is there anywhere we can try landbased?

I know that we can't fish for them as it is closed season, is it?

But we're really keen to give this a good crack as I have heard they can put up a great fight!

Any advice on where to go landbased or any other pointers would be greatly appreciated!


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Hey Mate - for starters where are you based? All the big dams have Bass land based.. North Pine, Wivenhoe and Hinze.. I can only comment on NPD as it's the only one I have fished but dare say it might give you your best sucess rate.. We have only been on this dam in boats for afew months as before that it was strictly land based for over 5 years and some GREAT fish were caught.

Search freshwater for anything written by Dino. It's been said before he knows most Bass at NPD on a first name basis. In my experience -

Line: 4-10lb, leader 8-12lb.

Lures: purple/white spinner baits slow rolled just off the bottom

Small diving minnows with some siloutte again slow rolled

Bibless crank baits in most natural colours hopping them up off the bottom.

Fish very early in the morning or very late in the afternoon.. Fish around the edges early and then as it gets brighter fish further out as it's Winter so they will be schooling in deeper water.

At Northpine try Bullocky's rest as it'll be abit more accessable by foot than McGavins view but both will produce fish. Be mobile and walk the banks until you find some.

Good luck!

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I'm just out of the city in coorparoo, I think I will give NPD a go, I have found a map with all accessable areas marked out on it so that will be a lot of help. Thanks for those little tips, I heard the purple spinner baits go like dynamite so gonna fetch myself some and have a good go at it...

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Also, by closed season, it just means you can't fish for any Bass in rivers (ie wild fish). There's a full list on the dpi site somewhere. A google search should be able to find it.

First result :)

Australian bass

A closed season applies to Australian bass throughout Queensland from 1 June to 31 August except in and from waterways upstream of Baroon Pocket, Bjelke-Petersen, Boondooma, Borumba, Cania, Cressbrook, Fred Haigh (Lake Monduran), Gordonbrook, Hinze, Lenthalls, Maroon, Moogerah, North Pine, Somerset, Wuruma and Wivenhoe dams; Claude Wharton and Jones weirs; Isis Balancing Storage (Lake Gregory) and Clarendon, Dyer (Bill Gunn Dam) and MacDonald lakes.

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i suggest not throwing lures around as it would be hard to talk your way out of, i think the new rules are like guilty and fined and you gotta prove your innocence !! not worth the hassle i think, i have been tempted to target yella's and saratoga in the upper reaches of the brisbane river, but i know the chances of getting a bass are too high and i dont even want one touching me in closed season unless its in a dam :laugh:

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