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Hello anglers,

I have been living in Brisbane for 13 years and have fished quiet a bit. I enjoy all kinds of fishing, fresh, salt, lake, river, creek... if there's a semi-large body of water anywhere I go, I'll cast and wait :)

This is a great forum, and I've already learned quiet a bit just by reading the threads. Looking forward to posting my own pics and fishing stories. If I ever get anything worthy of talking about :)

I do not have a boat nor a kayak (yet), so most of the fishing I do is estuary.

If anyone can point me to a decent spot for estuary fishing and give a little hint as to what bait or lure to use I will appreciate it.

Thank you

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Welcome to the site man :)

There's a whole lot of water in Bris and most of them hold some decent fish... just gotta figure out which one is closest to you... or which one is worth the effort.

Mate even if you're not catching anything awesome, its still worth reporting on. Especially if you're after more info and help on what you're doing, it will allow other members to give you tips and pointers on what you're doing and what would work better for next time :)

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Thanks a lot for your replies. I will post few lines each time I go and let you know how the adventures turned out.

Last Saturday my friend and I hit Coochin Creek, close to Glass House Mountains. Found a beautiful spot (4wd access only) and set about fishing. We didn't look at the tide info prior to going, and the water was low, but the spot was great and so we stayed. Went about casting a lure for an hour or so, while my other rod had a mullet on it and there were no hits. The water was so calm that I decided to switch from lure to float, playing with various depths and bait (bread, mullet, squid). Got two bream, released both as they were tiny in size, on squid and that was all for about 6 hours of fishing.

Was really happy with the place and will go there again. There was a boat ramp close by and another 4wd with a boat on a trailer showed up and couple of boys went about casting for live bait. On first cast they must have caught 30 or so little mullets, shrimp and bream.

We only had frozen mullet and squid so that got me thinking I should definitely invest in a casting net, if I don't want to keep bagging tiny bream for the rest of my fishing career. I believe there is some huge fish around there and it requires the bait and tides to be in sync to bag them. I just got into lure fishing and it's a great way to break up the routine. Casting a lure while waiting for something to hit the big rod kills time and gets me practicing the art of lure fishing. I will experiment with different lures, jigs and use a float again with a mix of bread and very foul-smelling, blue vein cheese to catch the tiny mullet (with a very tiny hook) to use as bait on the big rod, until I can get a casting net.

Will report how I go and hopefully have some nice pics next time I go


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yoyo wrote:

fellas how long do you reckon smallish livebait will last in about 10-15L of water without an aerator ?

bout 3 hours then they will start chokin up.

three things to watch out for with live bait, oxygen, heat and stress, in that order.

keep em cool out of the sun, a bigger container might save them from stress if you have different species in there, and of coursae 15 litres is not huge so depending on the amont of livie you got?

Prawns survive longer, they seem to metabolise less oxygen than fish.


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15L....3hrs??? I don't think you'd be able to keep more than 5 fish alive for that long in a bucket that size without an airator...even then I think it'd be a struggle.

to prolong life, occasionally use a little container and scoop out some water and pour it back in making heaps of bubbles as the water goes in.

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