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Mid North WA madness - pinks, jew, the works...

Ben Derecki

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Last night we got back from a couple of days fishing in northern WA, we had a long weekend so we thought we'd shoot up for three days' fishing and give some of the Lemax range of rods a good test run while we were up there.

We drove the 850kms trip to Shark Bay on Thursday night, fished Friday to Sunday and drove back Monday. It was a lot of kms but the fishing we experienced made it all worth while.

In a nutshell we got onto a stack of pink snapper which were ravenous for softies, also got a couple of grassies and tuskfish too. The highlight was heading out chasing jew on Saturday night - in two hours we landed fifteen jew all around the size you see in the pics between two boats, it was insane. And what made it even crazier was that we were fishing in less than 7m water so they went really hard. We kept a couple but the rest went back to continue populating the area.

Seas were like this for two of the three days...


Jewfish madness



Getting into the pinkies wasn't a problem either

BRC competitors will have the opportunity to win a lighter model of this rod, the ]Lemax SlimMax, which was also responsible for the downfall of the jew in the above pic We should have some of the baitcasters on display at the comp too. Stay tuned, they're a sexy piece of kit.



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Thanks guys.

It is a hell of a place - on one side of the gulf you've got the sheltered waters we were fishing in and then on the other side of the gulf you have Dirk Hartog Island and Steep Point, epic game and bottom fishing locations.

We didn't fish on the DHI side but would like to get back there one day.

Did Steep Point a few years back, that was fun. That stretch of coast has no shortage of good fishing locations. Pretty unforgiving territory though.

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