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Condamine river carp and yellowbelly


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hey there everybody today me and my dad had an early start leaving home with the boat at 6 in th emorning to fish the condamine river. it took us 30min to get to the river and get the boat into the dirty water. we drove upstram for about 1.5km untill we found a nice sandy bank to set up camp on for a couple of hours.

the drop off into the water was about 4 foot so it was perfect for carp and yellowbelly. we set our lines and waited. it wasent long befor one of my lines had got tight and i was on. the fish felt like it was fairly big but when i got it to the surface i saw that it was wraped around anice little snagg. it was a carp and it weighed about 4pounds.

first fish of the day



after this little bit of fun i dident think we were going to get a bite for a while but to my amzment about 30min later i got onto another nice 4 pound carp. this one wasent hooked properly and fell off half way up the bank. not wanting it to go back into the water i dived in after it and eventually came up with the carp in my fingertips. if you want to see me embarressss myself go to this link


i uploaded the video onto youtube it was very funnie watch the whole thing the end is the best

second fish of the day


all in all me and my dad had a great day on the water and it was the first time i had ever bagged more than one fish in a day in the condamine.

i hope you liked this report

my dad then caught a nice little 3 pound yellowbelly to wrap thinks up for the day.



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