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Sardine Run off South Africa - unbelievable pics

Ben Derecki

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:ohmy: Wow. Not many other words for it. Amazing footage of every predator. The Birds like darts, and then swimming down was probably the best though. I've seen a few doco's on the Sardine run, but I'm still amazed by every bit I see.

Don't let the length of the video fool you guys; it's definately worth watching all of it.

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I have the entire 6 discs in Bluray.

Yes it's Sir David Attenborough, and yes it's AMAZING!

This is disc 4 i think, there is also one with the Alaskan Salmon migration which is equally as good. The others are land based, ie; tigers, lions that sort of thing... There is an arctic one which is quite good.

"Natures Greates Events" is the title. That sardine run, took 5 years to film, the first 3 years, there was no sardine run due to climate change or whatever.

I would strongly urge you to buy it, it's fantastic.

If you are too poor to buy it (yes it's quite expensive even in the ABC shop), email me, if you are willing to make a donation to http://www.worldlandtrust.org/about/david-attenborough.htm we can work something out.


Edit: And yes, those birds are pretty swifty, diving up to 15 metres, they swim faster than some fish.

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