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How to Embed Videos in a thread


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Step 1. Click the film strip icon.

The boardcode box will then expand to offer further options.

Step 2. Use the dropdown arrow to select the host site (e.g. Youtube)

Step 3. Insert the URL from the host site (or the video number if that's easier)

Click the Insert box.

It should look similar to the pic below.

Hope this helps :)embed_vid_screen_grab.jpg

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Been searching without luck, and tried to bump a more appropriate thread about uploading videos straight from a computer but it was locked.

The last entry says you will be able to do it shortly, that was about 1 year ago.

Is anyone having any luck, and if so tell me how. I have a video here thats only 19.9m and in .wmv format and cannot seem to upload it.

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This old thread is essentially redundant. All you need to do now is post the URL alone.

Greg, A video can only be posted to a thread when it is hosted on another site e.g. YouTube.

You can only upload a video file via your Profile/Videos. It will not however, be able to be embedded in a post/thread.

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