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leader to braid


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hi every one me again. i am just wondering if any one give me tips on tying leader to braid and can you use any type of heavier mono as leader.

the couple times i have used braid i have just used a swivle to attach the mono to the braid but it does not seem very secure to me.

what sort of knot should i be using to tie leaders to braid and do i need to buy leader line as i have seen and heard of line that is called leader line.



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are you using lures?

if so i use the Bimini Twist with good quality mono then tied onto the braid with a uni to uni knot. there are really good animations that can be found on google for any knot.

i choose not to use a swivel because it makes my lures sink, but make sure your lures do not spin first otherwise you will end up with one hell of a mess of tangeled line :(

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[video type=youtube]LjrV9gl3OkU

bimini twist to double your braid then tie whatever knot you like it works well and i have been getting my leader back most times

uni to uni knot is also good 8 twists and lube it up b4 you tighten it down

[video type=youtube]IvdRBg-tFl4

search for albright

edit: might note if i have time i bimini but in a hurry i double uni as its so easy

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drop the swivel!

most people run at least a metre to two metres for leader, that rattling through your guides is a good way to chip guides, then cut line.

personally i don't bother with the bimini, it's an absolute prick to learn how to do right and usually i am not fishing so light or heavy that i need it. most of my knots snap above the main line knot or at the perfection loop/lure. fishing a tournament or for records is where i would be most inclined to use it.

Geoff Wilson knot books are gold. i have a little water proof one for the tackle box and a larger one somewhere for when i need a more specific knot. but i am more than happy to use the double uni, albright and surgeons whenever i wet a line. hope this helps!

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