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flatty session


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hit the passage up today in search of some lizards.

been a few weeks since i've been out,so exspectations were high.

weather was looking abit dodgy,but i gave it a go anyway!

on the water and it wasn't long till i was onto my first little fella,threw him back and off again.

not long after a double hook up :cheer: a couple more little fella's,followed up with another small one..

i was starting to wonder where the big ones were,so i changed one of the lures and put on a pink/purple micro mullet (which i had found a few weeks ago)

with success i landed a nice 62cm lizard, which gave me a bit of curry whilst trying to bring him in (love it when they fight hard) :laugh:

then another 59cm and a couple more average ones!

fished for bout 3 hours,with a tally of 8 lizards,it was a good session and managed 2 dodge the rain :woohoo: 1_nov.JPG


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Rocket75 wrote:

seems flatties up there love those lures Ferg!

what depth water are you trolling in and how deep do they dive?

good session mate.


they dive to about 1-1.5meters and i usually will get them when lure is hitting the bottom or just off the bottom. any deeper than 2.5meters and don't seem to get them.

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