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MBC 2010 with The Force


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Day 1

Held off turning up on Saturday until around 6am to give the early entrants a chance to put in so the ramp would be clear. Arrived to cries of abuse from Mal and then Mopar Kev having a go at me for the lack of ironed fishing attire. Logged in with Angus and John, then Flexo and Kriso showed up so had another chat with them. Went to rig the boat for launch and noted the hook on the winch cable had come off somewhere along the trip to Manly. Thanks to Kriso for the launch assist.

Headed up to Mud and pretty much fished the same area all day.

Started off with a pair of fish with each taking a hook on the 2 dropper paternoster. Unfortunately whilst attending to them my floating pilly setup went for a good zzzzz with bare hooks the result there.

1st 2 fish


Thereafter the fish came aboard consistently but all undersized except a flounder, grassie and tusky.

Plenty of grassies and squire and whiptails. A couple of tarwhine.








More grassies - double hookup






163cm Spottie :dry:


Also jagged a porcupine.


Finished off the first day with a great highlight when I hooked a P enis.



I’ve hardly had a fish for the last 6 months and haven’t been on the Bay for ages so I had a ball despite the lack of size. Was just good being there in beaut conditions.


Headed back to Manly around 3:30 and found a 3 turn uni knot in the winch cable to be adequate to retrieve the boat (and the safety chain one link tighter).

Got home and had a 3 hour kip before getting up and readying for a midnight return and launch.

Day 2

Decided to hit Wello with the forecast being considerably worse than predictions made on Friday.

Sounded up a different spot to try and deployed the first baits at 2am. (about an hour later than the solunar peak). Same deal as yesterday – 1 floating pillie and a 2 dropper paternoster with squid and prawn. The SP rod lay dormant.

For the 8 hours I was there the action was constant with one or two fish landed every cast – all undersized squire except for an undersized tusky. I had to retire the rods for awhile to fit in a few smokes and brew up a coffee to keep the chill away.






and this one with a parasite on the tail -


Finally I managed something that I could legally eat.


Getting a little bored and tired of the repetition but feeling too lazy to move I decided to film a bit of underwater action. It was with great delight I listened to Tomca tell the tale of him having an undersized squire sharked boatside the same day.


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ellicat wrote:

Video added. A lot of quality lost in the upload to Youtube.

Can anybody ID this fish (not the whiptail) - MBC1-20100519-2.jpg

That'd be the common MervFish! :P

aka Lancer according to Grant's. "The little Lancer can be identified immediately by the greatly-lengthed filament-like second dorsal spine, which lifts above the line of the dorsal fin like a mounted trooper's lance"

Love reading your reports Eliicat. Wish you'd go fishing more often!

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Yoyo, The Crunchie was scored at a bit of structure near Manly on a supertuned Walletzam. :P

There were alot of Lancers around, TBox. ....Lancelot ? :laugh:

Dino, The top of the fish is always prettier than the bottom ;)

Nadders, I did touch it and it squirted at me....well loaded :woohoo:

Scope - that's why I didn't win a lucky door prize (again). It was still wet and probably stuck to some other losers card. :(

Was a great weekend. I've enjoyed all the reports that have come in :)

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