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Flipper had a heart attack


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Hi Guys and Girls.

Sad but true.

Settle back for a sad, sad story.

My son and I had planned a trip out through the Seaway for ages and finally hit a weekend when all the parameters fell into place.

Weather, work commitments, sea conditions etc

Loaded up with 200 lts fuel. checked all systems and headed off

Launched at the ramp beside VMR Southport.

"Flipper" started first go...as per usual and we headed to the Seaway....dead flat conditions.

Stopped to log on as a few details were required.

Once that was all sorted, I throttled on and after a few mins.......BANG and all stop.

Hmm....Thats was strange. Took off the engine cowl and one side of the motor was still glowing red and smoking.

You must be kidding!...Gone 200 metres

Called Seaway Tower to notify and was advised to wait for VMR Southport to start their day (This was around 5:00am)

So we sat around on a beautiful day on the north side of the Seaway, heaps of fuel, heaps of bait, great fishing tackle ..... until we were towed back to the ramp (Thanks guys).

We waited until Labrador Marine started and after a quick compression test, 2 cylinders with no compression and the other 2 with over 110lbs.

Cooked pistons and around $3000 - $4000 to fix.

Called in at Tivoli Marine to get the same story......stuck thermostat.

So now is my chance to upgrade.

Couldnt decide what to do with the old girl so she is for sale (check classifieds) for what the fittings are worth.

It may just the thing for someone with a motor or some machinically minded person to rebuild. There wouldnt be anything else to do to have a decent family style fishing boat.

If no one wants her, I'll rip the gear out and it will make a pretty good piece of playground equipment for the grandkids I reckon.

I had only ever had a 10" aluminium before this and have learned a lot about boating, fishing and all of Moreton Bay and beyond in the couple of years I have owned her. A good investment I think.

Anyway, after a heart transplant, she may be as good as ever.

Thanks Guys and hope to see you all on the water sometime in the new year.




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