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Nice set of lungs


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Headed out to viset Andy for a mid day bully session but after arriving we decided to try a few spots for bass instead. Headed to a spot and after a few casts i hook up a fiesty tilly and proceeded to hook up to two nice bass in the next 15min a 39cm and 36cm model after this we headed of to get a lighter rod and a few more lures so Andy could get into some of the action. On return the bass had gone quiet but Andy hooks up to a something with some weight and after some tug of war up comes a lung fish :huh: we were a bit shocked as it took a sx being rolled through the rapids.. we thought this is out of the ordinary but two casts later he hooks another one... so these apparently slow moving fish are feeding in deep and fast flowing rapids close to the surface which is the total oposite to my limited understanding of them.. weird but very cool. All fish released well except for the tilly who got the knife.





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yep I've caught lungies on all types of lures from SPs to LCB and Blades and they don't mind throwing their weight around! They do seem pretty aggressive at times.

nice pic of tilapia, it's a shame they are a pest cause they are a handsome fish.

looks like a fun session, thanks for sharing.


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