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Magic hour.


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G'day all,

Went for a freshwater session this afternoon/evening with Ben (Angrybundybear) up around Young's Crossing. It had been storming for the better part of the afternoon, with some mad rain coming down also, however, after being cooped up inside for the majority of the day, and annoyed that the weather had played a part in reducing the quality of fishing lately, I decided to have a crack at some bass.

The lures.......


On my way to the venue of choice, and having a couple of failed attempts to take some company, I received a call off Ben, asking if I was keen for a session tomorrow. "Tomorrow??? Come out now into the fresh", I said, and Ben, always keen to wet a line, was soon on his way.

After arriving at the location (to no rain), I negated the donut on the second cast, with a nice healthy bass just under 40cm, along with quite a few missed hits on the lure. Soon after, a couple of fisheries people came down for a check of the area, and a chat on the side......was good meeting you as well. It was raining steadily at this stage, and the fish seemed to quieten down. Ben soon arrived, and before long, we were casting away into the murky depths. I was using a Sebile Flatt Shad 55SK in gold, a fantastic lure that has been a bass magnet for me lately. It certainly was again this evening, as in the space of thirty minutes or so, I had five bass racked up, all safely released.

The Sebile.....


Ben was trying a few different lures, with no result, and finally threw it in and changed to a popper........and first cast, he was on. The popper didn't even have time to settle in the water before it was smashed, and a lively fight later, Ben had his first bass bank-side. It was getting on to dark at this stage, and the weather decided to dislike us again. Amidst this, I got a call from Kiwi, who after a quick situation report, was in his car and driving up for a fish.

A bass........


Ben was having a lot more luck with the poppers, with numerous missed hits, and two bust-offs from monsters. I had one bust-off (only this one was due to the fact that I failed to use lip-grips, and instead tried to bully the fish with my hand on the leader :angry: Rookie error lol!!!!)

Another bass......


At this stage of the night, it was 6-1, however Ben had found his element with the surface lures, he was putting me to shame with the topwaters :P . Things were going along quite well, when I received another call off Kiwi, advising me that the dam gates were about to be opened again, as Young's Crossing road was being closed off, and to get out of there. So it was with some regret, that we packed up, but not before Ben got another decent bass off the surface. It is probably good in a way, because given another thirty minutes, I think Ben would have been the one giving me stick about the score, and not the other way around :laugh: :P It was also a bit of a downer leaving whilst the bass were on the bite, however at least we got away to fish another day.....Thanks for the heads up Kiwi :whistle:

All up, it was a fantastic session, with some good fish, and some good company......and finally seeing that there IS such a thing as "magic hour" :):P:lol:

Cheers, and thanks for reading,


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Was a great little Magic session once i started to get hit at first not a touch at anything i flicked, whilst Ryan had already landed 4 (started to think of drowning Ryan the way he was carrying on) but as soon as i switched to poppers everything had changed first cast and was on to a healthy 38cm Bass then was busted off just as i was attempting to land another then came my PB of 42Cm Bass was stocked


measured up then released to fight another day had a couple more big hits and another bust-off just as we were getting ready to call it a nite, as Ryan said was absloutly magic with the bass on the chew and good company.

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sweet sesion fellas. smashing effort on the pb bass ben B)

oaw that pose of the sebile is almost prawnographic :lol:

i like the sebil lures too. i have not long been using them but there def producing the goods for me aswell over other lures

Ha ha ha!!!! All taken on the trusty iphone, I should sent that photo to Sebile for a marketing boost lol!!!

Gus - Yep, pretty cool session, I am still pretty pumped from it......Can't wait to get out again!!!!

Ben - I take it another trip to BCF is in order mate lol!!! I need to replace the one popper (my most productive colour!!!)

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