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Getting mobile service out at sea?


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Hi guys,

I am new here so just starting to get a feel around the site.

I have a question for the sea fishermen.

I wanted to get an antenna for my mobile phone while I am out in the boat, and wondered where you would recommend getting one?

I tried Telstra who is my carrier but I was unable to get one from them.

I found this site www.telcoantennas.com.au but I wondered if anyone knew of a shop to get antennas from?

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Not sure whether you are thinking of it as a safety measure, or you simply like to keep in touch.

If it's a safety measure then I have to agree with Ellicat on this one. My mate has a place up the bush and couldn't get mobile reception on his property. He bought a car antenna with a patch lead to suit his phone. He now gets patchy reception in areas where there was none, but not a good enough improvement to bet your life on it.

The benefit of a radio is that even if you are out of range of the coast guard or vmr, chances are you are in range of other boats.

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