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rous whiting and a few crabs again


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went out this morning to check my pots.only got 11 this morning but still a good feed out of 4 pots.2 of the pots had been raided as both pots had 1 crab each in it and no bait left..1 pot had 6 keepers in it and the other had 3,i headed up to amity to pick the oldman and his mate up to go for a fish in the rous.got to the rous and got a few tings straight away just b4 the high tide,on the start of the run out tide they really came on the bit and we filled a bucket pretty quick...there where some good quality diver tings there around the 30cm mark but most between 23-27cm mark.we ended up with 82 whiting and 1 squid a good feed again.kept 16 whiting for a feed and 7 crabs give the rest to my oldman and his mate for a good feed

cheers rosco

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