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Broadwater Smorgasbord (sp)


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Me again *wave*

Hitup the GC canals last night for a lot of surface activity but fish giving up after 1/2 missed hits :(

Landed 3 trevs then it went quiet so twiddled the thumbs waiting for a tide change

Morning couldn't come soon enough and a spectacular sunrise meant the 5 hour wait was worth it! Tailor, trevally, bream, flathead and whiting all caught. Victims reported seeing baby rover 50's and deep cranks from the likes of p21 and atomic.

Very good fun on 4lb/4lb.

Final tally

Tailor - heaps, very small. Max 20cm but caught ~5? - all on surface good fun

Trevs - ~30cm on surface and crankbait; average sigh where has the size gone??

Flathead - 30cm on crankbait; fail i wanted dinner

Bream - 31cm on surface, 28cm on crankbait, 24.5cm on crankbait

Whiting - 30cm, crankbait.

First time wearing my AFO shirt haha, bought it then lost it in the house somewhere so it seems to have smoe decent mojo?

pics later ive been awake too long (dont ask)


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Thanks guys


I'll break it down for ya dodo!

Stay up weds night to study...

Class + exam thursday

Straight to coast to fish the sunset - flatties n bream

Off to dinner

Hiitup trevally spots

Chill for 5 hours waiting for sunrise

Fish til 7.30 and too damn hot even after a swim


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btw good report... quite a good variety of fish.

i fished from 23:00 to 03:00 before calling it quits. worked top water and sub surface all night but the gh and tarpon evaded me... do they boof the surface actively? had a few random surface boils which weren't mullet, very subtle and would barely break the surface.

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