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hotspots in the bris river


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Mate i just moved your post as it was in the reports section.

As for Bream in teh river i think everyone would agree these places are pretty hot. Brekky creek, New Farm park, Norman Creek Mouth, Kookooburra Park at Karana Downs, Sunken Wall, Gateway pilons and the Good Will Bridge pilon on the Qut Side.

For Bullies fish anywhere. But to improve you chances do it in summer.

Read a bit more in the various sections of the site (hints and tips) there is a lot of information

on how and where to get bullies in the river.

Also mate check out the \"Going fishing\" forum as there are always groups of people from this site going for a fish in many locations. The sites comp is also coming up soon so stay tuned.

Last but not least welcome to the site.


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pinkenba... big flatties on the sands on high tide....

also sunken wall at pinkies is accessable by boat and hosts snapper/squire, jew, bream.. further towards the mouth the more chance of snapper and salmon really...

bretts is good for salmon, sharks and vermon... chance of a sweetlip as me and jord found out last week :P

newstead and new farm with salmon, sharks, vermon and bream

brekky creek is good for bream around april-may

most city cat wharfs are good for bream... tho dont get busted by the cat drivers :P

norman creek mouth for jew

no fishing the pylons anymore tho:( as terrorist laws have kiked in

as gus said check out where people are going fishing, if there looking for people to go then go with


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probs around midday............do u know when it willl be high tide coz me and chaz are going to hit bretts wharf and get heaps of midget fish(bream,perch) and then go to a few bully spots and hope for the best so should we try and jam that all in at high tide

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