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I am uncertain of policy re commercial enterprises so i will float this one for the administrator. We had a good day out with steve wilkes from sports tuition and i have been previously impressed with his integrity, knowledge and friendship and willingness to help. I think that Steve would like to be able to advertise his services on this website. He has planned several weekend functions including father and sons, mother and daughter, and a big boys weekend in november targeting bass and saratoga. I have not spoken to Steve about this and will leave it up to the administrator.


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Ray i had a good chat to him on the day about just that dont worry.

As i said in another post, Steve was great and i would reccomend him to anyone.

I have already offered to put his banner on the site and link to his website (when its up and running).

He has also very kindly offered to donate some prizes for teh next BRC competition.

So again Ray, thanks for teh contact!



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