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Enoggera is normally open but currently temp closure due to high water levels as below from SEQwater website. I have never fished there but believe it has resident population of spangled perch and has been stocked with bass by BVA but no idea of stocking density,North Pine dam and Kurwongbah both have good bass fishing with public assess areas and a boating access area in NPD. Have a look at the PRFMA website for details of the boating access scheme, Also browse the website for some great info on fishing NPD in particular but a lot of the info will apply to all dams n SEQ.

Redclaw currently going ok in NPD and Wyaralong and should improve with the recent dam levels increase. Be wary of fishing advice from some of the caravan parks in the Lockyer valley they will tell you anything o encourage you to come and stay. Ones starting with M are renowned for this. Wyaralong is starting to produce some good bass and the odd MRC plus carp and tilapia.'Hinze has no redclaw to speak of but plenty of bass,a sprinkling of yellas the odd MRC and is quite a good toga fishery It is recommended that you do not eat fish from Hinze due to elevated mercury levels in the fish. Cheers Ray


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Affected Locations:


Last Updated: Monday, February 10, 2020 - 14:26

Enoggera Reservoir is temporarily closed to all on-water access including paddle craft due to the current dam level and water flowing over the spillway.

Additionally, please be aware of the following closures at Enoggera:

Trail network is temporarily closed until further notice

Enoggera Reservoir is temporarily closed for swimming until further notice

These closures are in the interest of public safety. We will re-open the lake to water based activities as soon as it is safe to do so.

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Hi Michael T.

Read some reports on NPD and it should get you started. Otherwise, Wivenhoe, Somerset, Ewan Maddock and all run off creeks from that should/could hold bass, eel tailed catfish, yellowbelly, redclaw, saratoga, spangled perch and lungfish/mary river cod (BOTH A NO TAKE SPECIES - IF CAUGHT, RELEASED UNHARMED, DO NOT REMOVE FROM WATER)

Cheers Hamish

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4 hours ago, Little Grey Men said:

Enoggera reservoir looks like it would hold fish but I can say that I spent quite a few hours there one morning and tried every lure known to man and didn't get a touch. Beautiful looking place though. 


25 minutes ago, Luc53 said:

As far as I'm aware, Enoggera Reservoir has never been stocked.

The only catchable fish in there may be spangled perch, eels and possibly introduced ferals.

Hi Guys

I tried there once in one of those hire kayaks, didn't get anything except weed. I asked the guy who hired the canoes and he didn't know anything, so as far as I'm aware there's probably on catfish, eels and spangled perch.

Cheers Hamish

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Contact us via our Facebook page or

The Brisbane Valley Anglers meet at the Mt Ommaney library on the first Wednesday of every month except January at 7:30pm.

Club Information

The Brisbane Valley Anglers Fish Stocking Association (BVAFA) was formed on the 26th of May 1988 by a group of dedicated anglers that saw a need to stock native fish species into the Brisbane River and its catchment. The original stocking committee went on to become responsible for the stocking of Wivenhoe and Somerset Dams and is now known as the Somerset & Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association. After several years of stocking these two major storages it was decided to stock the Brisbane River below Wivenhoe Dam and the Brisbane Valley Anglers was formed in its current state. In November 1996 the Department of Primary Industries gave approval to stock native fish in to the Brisbane River between Wivenhoe Dam and the Mount Crosby Weir. Since this time Australian Bass have been stocked annually along with smaller numbers of the endangered Mary River Cod when supplies have been available. To build on the success of stocking the Brisbane River, our charter now includes the development of two new fisheries at Lake Manchester and Enoggera Reservoir.


I think that their first stocking took place in 2015 or 6. From memory Brooksy tried to interest the PRFMA in stocking enoggera but they declined.

Cheers Ray

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