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Manly 23/9


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Hey guys

Fished Manly today with Ando and Troy, chasing bream.

Troy was first to get there about 30min before me and hadn't caught anything but had one bust off and a few hits. We fished a bit longer on the jetty before we decided to move to another spot when Ando finally arrived. So we went back to the jetty and fished a bit for no result again.

We decided to change spots and straight away we found a lot of bream swimming around. We tried tempting them with a lot of different SPs but nothin got them interested enough, until ando put on his sx-40 hardbody with in a few casts he landed the first bream for the day and his first bream on a hardbody.

Next troy got one similar size with an attack hardbody and then i followed with another similar size with an sx-40. These were all our first bream on hadbodied lures.

After things slowed down we moved to another spot with similar structure and straight away i was rewarded with another small bream around 23cm.. again on the sx-40

Ando changed back to SPs and got absolutely smoked by a horse of a bream. looked a kilo plus bream for sure. We continued on until i got the last fish of the day at 27cm on an sx-40 again.

Was a great day and we have found some very nice new spots that we'll definately be checking out again.

I did get a few pics of my first bream-

[img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/sx40bream.jpg

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