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Legal Sizes for Miscellaneos Fish


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Could some one plz tell me a few size limits for some fish (if they have limits)-

Leather Jackets


Flounder and sole

Butter Bream

Also if you can think of any other weird fish that are commonly caught on reef or sand flats that is not listed, plz tell me.

Any Advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks, Will

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All of those fish have unlimited size limits. Check the bag limits though. I think is in either the 'News' or 'Hints and Tips' section that has size and bag limits. If it's not in there it will probably be unlimited. Though there is never any need to take more then you need.

I have heard that Flounder and Sole fish taste good but I wouldn't keep anything under 30cms.

Leather Jackets you have to skin as well so I'd say 30cms min.


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