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right. Because using a dog/cat for bait, is completely different than using another live animal, like a fish, eel, ray, whatever.

The only difference is that we have an emotional attachment to cats and dogs. (Ignoring legality) But don't get me wrong, don't think I would use a dog. It's just funny to see how we treat different types of animals.

Edit: and like troy said, that picture has certainly done the rounds.

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Brian D wrote:

The only good cat is a flat cat but leave the dogs alone.<br><br>Post edited by: Brian D, at: 2006/09/30 17:37

No No, if there flat, to hard to cut up into chunks for the crab pots!

When I was Roo shooting, most pro shooters would pass up a $20 roo to shoot a feral cat!

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