Slow Motion Testing (got It Working)

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Actually, I'm having a flashback, I don't think movie file extensions will work on PC. Only off-site hosting (e.g. Youtube) will work.


test-(language warning)

Okay, I seem to have been able to upload an MP4 that I can see.

Maybe try uploading one more time Wayne (if you can see my video).

Can people see my vid above or not ?

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Thanks for the comments.

I think I know why.

Because it is filmed at 240 FPS it was produced via HEVC 265 a new format rather than the H264. It still is a MP4 file.

The HECV 265 is for UHD like 4k,2.7K and high frame rates like this one 1080 @240 fps.

Some phones will be able to view it \, where as the platform may not have the capability yet.

Very happy with the quality of it and if it is upload to Youtube it can be linked. But because I'm just testing I didn't want to upload to Youtube.

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