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Bris River 19 April 09 Report


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Today was a day of firsts.

I had entered into the "first" Pirtek Fishing Challenge and went out chasing some flatties or Mangrove Jacks with Faulked and his Daughter.

We started at the civilised hour of about 8.00am and launched from Fisherman's Island.

The resident dolphin put on a show for all and got a good feed of fish from all the boaties. My first bite of the day came not long after we left the ramp. I made the mistake of putting my hand in the water to get the dolphins attention. Apparently a moving hand and a injured baitfish have enough in common to trigger the feeding response in "old flipper" as he/she clamped down hard and scared the living daylights out of me.

Ripping my hand from his jaw was the reflex and incorrect action. I am now the "first" and only person I know who has been "savaged" by a dolphin. Sharp teeth they have :ohmy: and I have the cuts to proove it.

Bravely :laugh: I fished on and we motored down to the rock wall at the mouth.

Bait was thick in the water and was being harrassed regularly by small pelagics of then unknown origin. We fished livies without much luck until Faulked got a screaming run that he converted to a foul hooked squire just undersized.

All went quite and after a few moves I was on the scoreboard with a grinner on a blade :blush:

The nervous bait fish moved within casting range and I had a crack with a borrowed 20gm slug (off Faulked;) ).

It was a pretty close match to the size of the baitfish and after a couple of casts I was on. The fish came out of the water on it's first strike at the lure and then hooked up on the second followed by a screaming run on the little 3500 Okuma reel I got for free with a magaszine subsription :lol:

I had 15lb braid and 16lb leader so I felt confident that I had the measure of the speedster but was given a decent workout for a couple of minutes from one side of the boat to the other and around the outboard :ohmy:

When it surfaced boatside I was stoked to see my first ever Tuna (Mack Tuna so I'm told, not a Bonito as I thought)!

[img size=583]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Pirtek_fish_008.jpg

Only a little one at just under 40cm but a hoot to catch and a highlight of my day.

With the sun high in the sky we motored slowly back to the ramp trolling shallow lures over the flats in the hope of getting a little flattie action.

And I did, a very little flattie action. At approx 25cm it took a small ecogear bibless crank (another first on that lure for me) and was released without measure or official photo due to embarrassment:blush:

Back to the ramp we went and added to "old flipper's" daily dose of baitfish. I kept my hands well clear of the sharp chompy bit this time :)

No winning fish for me today, but I really enjoyed my day on the water.

Thanks heaps to Jase and Bella, same time next year?!


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from now on you are known as dolphin bait oh haha :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: , lucky to have your fingers still :ohmy: would have scared the hell out of me having a dolphin attached to my hand... well at least you caught a nice lil mack tuna , top effort for the river mouth!!!!!

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Nice report mate. Can't help but to piss myself at the dolphin mauling though. :laugh: :silly: :laugh: :silly: :laugh:

Quite often I hand feed dolphins offshore and have always wondered if they would bite ones hand. Thanks for saving me the pain of figuring it out myself.

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We went out to Fisherman Island around 1630 and the dolphin was still there, obviously for the free feed and all the attention that it got. It was my first time to touch and dolphin and it felt great much like a wetsuit material. And no, I did not get my hand mauled by the dolphin.

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tacklebox wrote:

nice tuna but what I want to know is - what did Bella catch? :P :laugh: :silly:

Thanks T'Box, Bella was happy to play non-fishing deckhand for the day. She also stepped up as official photographer for the Tuna shots and had a ball feeding the "nasty mean dolphin"!

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