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post your biggest cod


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Just need some more info.. Show us your biggest cod B) i have only caught like 7 but all been small around 20cm somethin mark. Also what bait, lures or soft plastic are best for cod and where are some good spots to hit up from landbase. cheers

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threads like this get to me. what are you prepared to for any1 who helps you out?? huh.

don't just jump on a site and ask for good spots, especially if your a newbie, it makes you come across as a free loader who wants everybody's spots to fish, and to hell with those you have milked.

just my thoughts.

maybe get to know some of the people for a while first hey!

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I'll politely disagree with no name.. Absolutely no harm in asking for afew good spots to try to get the fish your after. Your not asking for X spots and we aren't a bunch of chicks who need to be bought dinner before pumped for abit of info... Thats what this sites all about so welcome!

Like yourself I always manage to get the 25-30cm variety's.. Although there are some big buggers out there. They are absolutely everywhere but love the rocky territory.. I got this one (32cm) on a gold halco scorpion in the Noosa river casting over a rock bar for Jacks. Anywhere along the rocky shores of the Brisbane river would be your best bet locally land based. I have also taken afew land based up in Coochin Creek & around Jacobs well.. Just head for some nasty rocky looking territory!

I have never specifically targeted them as most people will tell you they are very much a bi catch while fishing for other species like bream and Jacks.

Gold is a great colour to start with if your really hoping to get one but honestly Cod will take nearly any lure, plastic or bait.

Goodluck! [img size=500

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thousandyards wrote:

great fish!!!

incidentally......does anyone know at what size - if ever with cod species - cigautera (spelling?) poisoning becomes a risk?

73.34 Cm.


No im not sure. But is a "A Size" at which point they get it?

Or is it just larger models are more likely to?

I was under the impression that larger fish are at risk of carrying cigautera but not 100% a s s u r e d ?

I could be wrong so def a question worth asking.

Prob deserves a thread of its own so we dont go waaaaaaaaaay off topic though :P


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i caught a huge 1 about 15 yrs ogo in bowen on a whole spotty mackerel about 65cm long that we ganged up with 14/0 hooks and sent to the bottom at the coal loader wharf and brought up a 2meter cod that we left in water to remove the hooks to fight another day. no photo that night it was to ruff we could hardly stand up and fishing was very dificult

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