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Donut today, Bulimba tomorrow morning. 3/11.


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Hit up 4 spots today for a bit of luring. Using 3" Nook Chook Shrimp

1) Betty Boyd Park at Thornside, waded right out, 1 hit and run, no hook up.

2) The sand bar out to the island at Wello Point. 1 small flattie hanging on the plastic, not hooked up, let go when it saw me.

3) In the entrance to the Birkdale canals, nuffink.

4) Thornside Boat Ramp, a few nibbles only.

Lost 3 jigheads and a lot of leader.......

Tomorrow morning I'll just soak some bait down Bulimba at the Yacht Club. 9.30ish - 2ish.

Everyone welcome!!! B)

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Thanks for the luck messages. My luring expeditions are all hit and miss! If I catch a fish it's a bonus. Just being out in Oz near the water on my days off is all I need. On my own off the end of the island off Wello, pure peace & tranquility with just the birds for company.....AWESOME! B)B)B) Sure beats the aggressive hurly burly of Olde London, and one of the main reasons I came to your fine country! God Save the Queen and her Colonies! :kiss:

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What a day!.......NOT!

Got down Bulimba about 10:15 with a Macca's Brekky. Mmmmm!

Big Mullet Fillet on the Big Rod, fresh chicken thigh on the Little Rod.

No action whatsoever, but the weather was blisteringly hot, with no wind to speak off, and I got to see Dinkum's boat cruise past. Bonus; Didn't lose any tackle, and found a sinker!! B)

Retired to Bulimba Creek about 1'ish down DoughBoy Parade where a largish Catty proved good sport on my 4lb braid, 6lb leader (take note, new bloke up Nudgee way!!! ;) )

No trade for the big rod and mullet, but it was picked clean by picker mfs when I brought it in. Downside; Lost a sinker and hook.

Here endeth my days off for fishing, 'til next time, may tight lines be with ya!!! B)fish1-20091103.jpg

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Ha! Ha! You Aussies crack me up! At work we have a stick welder!!!! And a bloke was talking about oxying body panels!!!! No wonder all the older cars looked creased up!!! Never heard of a MIG welder? Eh? What's that???? Or if you want to take yer time there's a new fangled thang called TIG welding (look it up on Wiki!!!) Or am I missing something? :blush:

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