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NPD hard work needed


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A bit of hard work was needed to track down the bass and the yellas over the last week or so out at the dam. Schools that were hanging around finaly got the message that it was not nice to keep getting hit on the head by lures all the time :laugh:

Yesterday I was only able to find 3 bass and a nice yella, but my session was cut short with one of my batteries throwing the towel in. Rather than pushing my luck with the remaining 2 I headed back in at 9am. I believe its best to live to fight another day rather than push my luck. Over the last week or so the fish caught have dwindled down to a 7,6,17and 18. Better results are usualy expected although the dam has always been slow for Dec,Jan and Feb. Just means you have to put the effort in to find the fish as they cant go anywhere except over the wall if it fills up again.

Some people have the theory that when the north winds blow the fishing is quite,that being the case the fishing should get better by the weekend. Shallow running rattlers are still working for trolling and s/baits,plasics and small HBs around the edges.

Fish while you can


1st bass from yesterday npd16_11_002.JPG

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