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Top Fisho Gets Married!


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So there’s these 2 expert freshwater fishos, Malcolm and Dave. Every weekend they are out for a fish and between them they hold most records for freshwater species. If they are not fishing they are down the tackleshop or watching fishing DVDs, or even playing a fishing game on the PS. Not a day goes by when they don’t do something fishing related together. One day Dave sez “Can’t come out fishing this weekend, I’m getting married.†This comes as a bit of a shock to Malc who didn’t even know Dave had a chick, what with all their time being taken up by fishing. “I’ll be back from my honeymoon in 2 weeks†sez Dave. 2 weeks pass and Malc is very lonely, boring the pants off all his mates with fishing this and fishing that yarns. Eventually Dave turns up down the lake and he and Malc have a good fly sesh and drain a slab of stubbies. As usual, after talking about Dave’s new record fish catches on his honeymoon, and a shed load of piss, the conversation turns to sex. “So did you give her one on yer honeymoon? “ asks Malc, “Ner, she’s got Gonorrhoea.†replies Dave. A little taken aback Malc asks if he got a nosh. “Ner, she’s got Pyorrhoea, disease in her gumsâ€. Malc is a bit shocked to say the least. Downing his 10th drink, Malc goes for it. “So did you get any backdoor action?†“Nah, she’s got Diarrhoea……..†Dave sez casually. Malcolm is now mighty confused. “So you’re telling me you’ve married this chick who’s got Gonorrhoea, Pyorrhoea and Diarrhoea. Why did you do it, mateâ€

Dave looks up from his beer with a glint in his eye and a smug look……… “For the maggots, mate!â€

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