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Safety Warning At Oxley Creek Fishing


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Hello to my fellow fisherman!

i have previously put up a post - Fish in oxley creek... Seen the evidence!!

Sorry guys i forgot to give a safety reminder -

Please note - there are several used and unused syringes around so please becarfeul if ur fishing there guys.... Love the sport but not worth getting a disease if can be avoided!!!

These syringes must get washed up during the floods... When i say several, i mean around 20 - 30 all spread around .... There could be more around the grass area.

Keep fishing, keep smiling.... Stay safe!!!

Mod note - Please don't use a massive amount of capitals in your post.

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MentallyUnsound wrote:

Which general area are you talking about Taib?

Johnson rd?, forestdale?, oxley near ipswich road?

hi mate, its the oxley creek beside the Rocklea Bunnings, which is next to a tyre shop. There is a little service road which has a very small bridge. I dont know the street name but you can see it from the ipswich motorway when you head from rocklea towards the blunder road exit.. its before the Harvey norman.

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