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mbc northern end of the bay

mick fillet

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Early saterday morning saw a few keen fishos turn up at manly for the 4;00am briefing.A quick yarn with a few other fishos and we grabed our entry number and off we went to launch at fishermans island boat ramp.wes and myself decided to concerntrate our efforts in the northern parts of the bay.starting at the mouth of the river and working our way over to bulwer and the 4 beacons.

drifting the mouth first up sat morning saw us both put fish on the board before 6:00am for the mbc.tailor, snaps and flatty.there were no real size about them but it was allgood cause it left room for improvment.I was using a transam lure and this worked good for the flatty landing a few, and every fish that got boated seemed to also get bigger.

wes was using slugs,150mm poppers right on sun up and geez didnt the tailor come out to play.smashing any thing wes put in the water.

A few little snaps were caught near the mouth on nuke chooks aswell there was just no real size about them. so we headed off in to the bay to do a bit of beacon bashing.

the mackeral were definatly on at the beacons.so many boats were at the beacons.we were going to anchor up but wes and I just looked at each other and said stuff it we want a beacon to our selves that was un touched for that morning.So just as we were leaving the crowded becacon we see fergie roll in keen for soom of the action.turns out fergs did alright at that beacon with the macks well done mate.maybe we should have stayed. :lol:

cruised over to moreton island and found our selves a beacon with no boats on it so we started to slice up the water with the slugs.yep nice the stripped tuna were there so we amused our selves for half an hour catching quite a few.we iced them down straight away so they kept there colours and fermed up quick these are very good bait used whole on bridle rig.

we than worked a few more beacons and a lot of little bits of reef structure thats scatterd along the western side of moreton out in 25meteres of water but we were after the reefy sections that would rise to 18 mtrs and we droped on these patches producing some ok fish. snaps,maori cod,soapfish,flatty,tailor,bonito,lancer fish,bream and a few other things.

we than headed for mud island for the night.we had a bit of dinner a few drinks and in bed by 800.woke up around 600 sunday morning and headed for the beacons for some mackies but we had no luck just bonito and tailor.

back at manly HQ by 9:15 to submit our fish photos and start chating to other fishos.

it was a great turn out and also good to meet new faces.

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Angus wrote:

mick fillet wrote:

Wes what on earth are you doing in a Singlet!


:laugh: :laugh: there is some sense behind the singlet, i was casting and retrieving flat out for a few hours, arms were burning but ears were chilled filtered . i reckon i retrieved about 100 klms of line throwing slugs for mackeral :S
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