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Quick goldy sesh sponsored by Damiki


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Had work christmas luncheon (sp) down the goldy on the weekend so snuck out for a flick afterwards.. water still dirty and pretty rough country so upped to 6lb and tied on my fav 38mm DR crackjack; and when i say fav i mean its caught me 19 fish so far :side:

It's getting to a point where im scared to tie it on cos i dont wanna lose it! hahaha

Anyhoo about 10 casts in this little guy jumped on


Little later on picked up this guy


Then the inevitable short takes, grab the lure and run but can't hookup, follows but they wouldn't commit and then i called it a day. Fished for 2 hours but either way donut avoided and got to get outside for a walk around :lol:

Quick question - the bib on that dr is so scuffed up, not affecting how the lure swims but can i sand it down or how can u mod the bibs on hardbodies?

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im definitely getting less fish than normal lately.. i manage one early on in the session but then the dry spell kicks in and i cant find another fish for ages..

beats the days with nothing for hours on end though >.>

definitely need to get out with you soon for some of that surface fishing rob, ur reports are awsome

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Btw how did you go kft?

Yeah I went pretty good considering the conditions were below average. My gaol for the event was to make top ten and with only two fish caught, 23.7cm FL and 25cm FL I came 8th and picked up a nice pair of Mako sunnies. Unfortunately the sunnies are useless to me as I wear prescription sunnies :(

There was only one full bag of five caught for the day and several 3 bag 2's and bags of only one fish entered and many donuts. I caught about 15 undersized bream, 20+ flathead ranging from 20 to 45cm and small trevally so not really a bad day.

I didn't bother with a report because no photos were taken apart from the fish entered.

Forgot to mention that both fish were caught on the Damiki 3 inch armour shad in the moibi colour.

This weekend 5th, dan25 and myself will be competeing in the Hobie ABT Tweed event.

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May seem like a silly question but are Pontoon 21 and Damiki the same company. That crackerjack 38 I looked up and saw that it said Pontoon 21 lures.

Maybe I'm missing something ?? haha probably :blink:

nah mate, not a silly question, Pontoon 21 and Damiki are seperate companies that i both represent in Australia. Both companies have massive ranges that include rods, braid, flouro, accessories and lures. Pontoon 21 is a recent addition to the line up only appearing since late August this year.

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