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Hervey Bay Fishing Charters..???


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The Fighting Whiting is a small operator that doesnt go out far and hangs around the reefs, they do half days and is ok if you dont want to go too far.

I went down to the pier for a sticky beak and the water is really brackish looking (like a creek), I've been here for just over a year and its the first time I have seen it like this....reports from the pier was pretty much a poor showing of the ussual quality species. Me thinks it will take at least a couple of weeks for water quality to start getting back to what it was. If you are coming up in the next few weeks, and want some good fishing then I would go with a charter that gets out of the bay area for this reason alone.

Good luck.

I have just had a look at our local tourist guide and only found 2 little ones,

The first is the Fighting Whiting charging $70 for adults and then sliding scale from there (07) 4124 3377 All gear and bait supplied.

The second is Daytripper at $85 (and sliding scale for kids pens. etc) all gear and bait supplied www.herveybaydaytripper.com

I also spotted an ad for Pete Fry's Flyfishing check www.petesflyfishing.com.au for guided sportfishing with salt flies and lures, gear included.

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3 hours ago, Ed. said:

Hi Old Scaley, ideally just a day trip hopefully on the northern side of the Island.

I’ll probably see him tomorrow. I know Andrew Chorley’s Hervey Bay Fly and Sportsfishing is very well regarded for day trips. Not cheap but those guys know how to put you onto great fishing. I will report back after I have seen the bro-in-law.

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