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3rd friday report from the coomera with video

Zim man

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friday saw not only Keen as fisho and sweresy hitting the coomera but also myself and a mate (brett). I wanted an absolute final crack at mr jack and his mates.

Met up with sweresy at the ramp at 5ish. Laucnhed and hatched a plan of which spots and when. My mate brett is jammy, this was to be his third time fishing with me and that means 3rd time ever in Australia.

The first time he got 4 different species at crab island and then some bass and big spanglies at maroon. I thought a jack or good trev would leave an impression. As usual of late, i was under the influence of my mate charlie and i declared this to be a winning morning. we were armed with tiger blood and gypsey tears.

First spot failed me, i missed two hits and brett got one, a catfish on a D Pop popper. got some of it on video (see below).

At 6.30 am i called time of death on jack season.

met up with sweresy, saw his nice trevs that he had already and then hit spot B. this did not yield too much but i did get one or two bream and a trev on poppers. surface action is always cool. )see sweresy report for pics)

moved to spot C and worked the bank.

Brett then got a small flathead on the MU-SP. I got another small bream on a small popper then Brett was slammed by another fish, this one provided a decent fight on the 3lb gear. A nice tailor was on board



Next cast and on again, this time an even better fight.


Here is a quick video of the days highlights


a famous jack hunter worked the bank opposite,


i wanted to tell him that jack season was over, but i did not want to spoil his day. Caught on with keen asfiso around winning island. Rumours of tarpon at the weir had sweresy disapear and we worked the bank towards there as well.

not much action until we got to the weir. The jack hunter was all smiles and he had revived the season, much to my envy. i cast out my popper towards the weir and it got owned big time. i fought the beast for a while, guiding him around the boat slowly working him to the surface. Sweresy got some good pics of the fight.


Brett had the net ready and i saw colour and the leader was out the water, almost there, its a nice trev, easily a PB and i reckon it was 55cm-60cm conservative call. He is pulling hard but i feel like i have control of the fight until the popper breaks free. Brand new owner hooks has snapped off, not bent but snapped off. i only put them on the day before.

Ah well thats fishing. I still had a winning fight and sweresy took some winning picks.

on the way back i got my biggest bream of the day on a popper and picked up a few other smaller ones on a crackjack.



a good day to go out and good to see people on the water. The coomera has taken a floggin this summer but still fish hungry for action. Brett ended up with a catfish on popper, PB tailor, PB trev and a flathead. congrats to the jack hunter for a nice jack, i will wait for someone else to call time of death on the season

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Nice work mate and good to see a video of some action as well. Also a catfish on a popper not sure if that'll be the next trend in fishing but cool to see none the less. Also these D Pop poppers you use are they available in the shops or do you sell them? as they seem to produce the goods.



Hi Mark

Tacklewarehouse is the best place in brissi for Damiki and pontoon 21 gear. Adam or peter will be able to sort you. Down by the coomera, see rob at oxenford bait and tackle. Good guys. both stores can also bring in custom orders for you should they not have it in stock. Online you can try www.saiko.com.au for damiki gear and they are site members and brissi based so you will get your order pretty quick.

i am enjoying making the videos and have a few planned for the year, some promotional and others like last weeks, (winners R grinners series)

stay tuned sports fans

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