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Newstead Park with Angus, What a nightmare !


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After reading so many of the posts about ghosts and also the massive number of bass being taken recently and the impending closed season (on bass not ghosts :pinch: ) I asked Angus to take me out to try for my first bass again.

It made sense to combine the two. With the recent rains there is still a bit of fresh in the water at Newstead and some of the early spawning bass are looking for some brackish stuff. With that in mind Newstead Park seemed the most likely place.

I chose to ask Angus by mistake. That mistake being my misread of the new rod business' name - Obsession, which I'd mistakenly read as Possessed. :blush: :whistle:

Also Gus was able to visit Dino during the week and had him rub a few lures between his hands for us. Better than S Factor when it comes to the bass.

Anyway we arrived at 2am and setup without looking at the house. Even so there was an unusual chill in the air for May. Things were quiet on the fishing front so a brew was put on and after 2 coffees the inevitable need for a wee arose. Not knowing where the toilet was and being a little paranoid and frightened I asked Angus to help me find somewhere safe. We both gathered up our cameras and headed away from the trickling water sounds.

In the dark we stumbled across a building and knew there had to be a toilet in there somewhere. I looked through the first window but it was too dark so went to the next window as the sound of the wind hurrying through the leafy eucalypts ensured an eariness to the task at hand...not to mention the banging of a loose shutter on a window above us. As a bunch of leaves scurried about my feet I came to the second window and peered in with my head torch. The glare on the window prevented me seeing in clearly so I turned it off and jumped back what appeared before me. :ohmy: I was able to take this snap for all the sceptics



I turned to run and a weird animal dropped from the trees into my hands


Angus with camera at the ready also snapped a picture as he ran for the safety of the water.



Needless to say we stopped looking at the house and headed back to the waters edge where the safety of the lights and city glow made us much more comfortable......and there were plenty of dog toilets for us to use anyway. :side:

As night deferred to day we started to getting a few hits on the dino scented beetlejuice lures. With shaky hands hooking up was a bit beyond us until finally Angus landed a little rat bass.


Any guesses how big it was ? :dry:

I finally jagged my first bass. A rat bass too that I put on my white bucket for a picture before he scurried off back into the river.


It was one freaky experience I tell ya.

When I woke up I was very relieved......I haven't wet the bed since I was a kid. :blush:

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It was a bit quiet on AFO this morn so I made something up.

It is a joke of course :blink: taking a light hearted look at some of the stuff that has entertained me on AFO lately. Surely you boys should know that by now. I am rarely serious except for the Green/softy stuff. :lol:

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