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Team Nordic Stage: Congrats Nabs!


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Nabeel Issa competing as Team Nordic Stage recently fished the Gamakatsu Team Series at Urunga NSW. Team Nordic Stage had a good weekend and finished 6th! Nabs (and the rest of the crew)were very happy with this result considering we had never even heard of the place until a few weeks before the comp!

Good work Nabs and good luck in upcoming events!

A nice bream from Urunga


Weapons of choice for the competition. Nabs is a huge fan of the Nordic Stage Areal Sharpshooter for multiple applications while bream fishing.


We have our next large shipment of Areal Rods (Gunslingers, Jaegers, Sharpshooters) due to arrive in Australia in early April. If you are interested in these rods let your local tackle store know as this is the best way to spread brand awareness.



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