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This one's for you (you know who you are)


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Hey everyone,

I was not going to bother doing a report but it seems there is a certain someone out there who has missed my dodgy ramblings, some have already seen these on Facebook so apologies but here it is anyway.

A few weeks back now I made my way to a favourite place of mine to chase a few bass and whatever else came along, the spot I had chosen involved a fair bit of portaging straight up with little water that was actually fishable before there, we portaged over, around and through some pretty interesting logjams with our two Tempos (not light) and about 45 minutes to an hour later finally made it to the start of our spot. The first stretch looked fantastic with a beautiful natural rock wall going straight down to anywhere between 3-6 metres of water, the addition of a few drowned trees and the like made it look very fishy, we plugged along the length of the wall casting our spinnerbaits, the fishing was not red hot but we were getting a few half hearted taps here and there to keep us interested. We came across a massive standing tree in roughly 5 metres and Luke’s sounder lit up, there were fish hanging a little bit away from it so we started casting, Luke was to be the only one to score a bass from there though as I could not convert hits to hook-ups.



We made our way to the next big pool which was the one I was originally aiming for and after a bit more portaging we got there and the casting ensued. This pool was very long and was to be our home for the pretty much the rest of the day. Once again it was not red hot but Luke and I both managed to get some good fish and the bass here certainly know how to fight hard and dirty, at one point I made the statement to Luke that there was certainly a fish there, as my lure hit the water on a suicide cast I said if I hook up here I’m gone, sure enough one crank of the handle and I got a huge take and it turned and went straight back home with absolutely nothing I could do about it, destroyed.






We portaged our way a lot further just to see what the water was like but it was a long way to the next pool and we still had to do the big portage back so we decided to head for home. The total for that trip was roughly 12 hours on the water, over 12 kilometres of water covered and nearly 17 hours from the time we left home to the time we arrived back home, what a day.

The second trip Luke and I did was a Jack hunting mission on the Coomera, it was not an overly successful mission with a brief swirl early on my popper from what I think was a jack, a small GT and some bream for me and a nice flathead for Luke. The positives from that trip were that we got a good look at some decent jack holding structure and gained a better understanding of which tides would suit, not a complete waste.


Our third trip was meant to be an epic Mud Island adventure on the kayaks, Luke was going to tow me out to Mud using hi electric, I didn’t like that idea much so borrowed Den’s (Keen-as-fisho) Hobie as I knew the distance would not be a problem for me on that. The trip did not start well with Luke texting me telling me he was stuck at the servo as his car would not start, yay. After a quick trip to help him out we got him started and it was to the ramp a bit later than we’d hoped, we saw Den and Justin launching at the ramp and after a quick chat said we’ll see you at Mud in a few hours.


We set off against the tide and from the get go I was easily out-pacing Luke’s so called speed demon electric powered yak :silly: , I turned and asked if he was all good and he said he’d forgotten to adjust the motor pitch so it was going a little slower than normal, fair enough. After another 5 minutes I turned to see Luke out of the yak on a sandbank, oh right adjusting the motor so I’ll have a flick and wait for him. When he jumps back in he starts paddling, and keeps paddling, his motor had died :evil: . A quick discussion had me making the call to tow him, but only to the rock wall and we would fish there instead, so that’s what we did and it was a bloody long way and bloody hard work but we made it and finally we could unhitch the rope and have a fish. Well what a waste of energy that was, I hooked a decent squire which gave a very good account of itself on light gear and also a legal flatty that dropped as I was lifting it in but other than that it was dead, oh well that’s fishing I suppose. We spent a little while out there but with nothing more happening we decided to head back in to hopefully fish another spot before heading home, we got a fair way back when we again met up with Den and Justin coming back from Mud, after catching up on each others’ days they thankfully took over the towing duties and I was free to pedal the rest of the way with no hindrance. I won’t mention nearly dying trying to get back to the ramp against a heavily running tide…


The total distance covered for that trip was roughly 17 kilometres.

There have been a couple of other bass trips that I’ve done between those but they have only produced a couple of fish each so not overly successful. Anyway thanks for reading and sorry there is not much real quality there but I just haven’t been fishing much lately, hopefully I can get out a bit more after a few other things are out of the way.


Ant :)

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Mate, it took me 2 goes to read all that and an extra one to reply. A sleep after the first 17 hours, another sleep after the 17 km with towing trip :lol:

You got some decent fish along the way and probably have put Jenny Craig off for a year or two. Stonker yella ! :woohoo:

Thanks for reporting. Monster effort. :kiss:

Haven't seen too many reports that good on FB ;)

PS I think I know who I am but not certain - people keep calling me by different names :silly:

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Cheers for the comments all, if there is enough interest I'll continue to put up a report when I can :)

@Ellicat- I don't know about putting Jenny Craig off for a year mate, I am the quarter pounder scoffing fatyakker after all ;)

@Jarryd- The fillets on the last lungfish weren't too good so I decided not to catch any more :whistle:

@batman- I know I know, spinnerbaits are the spawn of satan :evil: but just quietly I'm quite enjoying using the smaller compact style ones, great to throw on light gear B)

@crazyman- Not too hard to work out :)

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