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Whiting On Sps/lures


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Hey guys have been getting plenty of flatties out on the flats at lota on low tide, also a few flounder and bream, on Saturday got a very hungry whiting on a 4" swimming mullet. Noticed how many people were pulling bags of whiting out of the channel and we're wondering if SPs and lures are possible on the whiting if I were to target them. Any tips?


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Hey Richy,

I've tried and tried and tried there on artificials and have not yet had any great success on whiting on artificials there. It can happen but it's been so inconsistent.


Have tried classic small hardbodies like jackal chubbies, cranka cranks, and ecogear SX-40s.

Have tried plastics like gulp nerus worms, gulp 3 inch pumpkinseeds, 3 inch damiki armourshads, 2 inch gulp shrimps.

Have tried all the normal topwater lures that work on whiting as well - megabass dog-x juniors, ecogear px-45s, sugapens, bubble pop 35s, smith towadies.


You name it, I've tried it. For some reason the usual tricks that work everywhere else, don't seem to work in the channel. The only thing I haven't given a good working is over the flats/weed beds on high tide.


If you figure it out, please share :D

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