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success! [brisbane river session #248]


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On 21/10/2023 at 7:39 PM, AUS-BNE-FISHO said:

Hi all,

I snuck out for a quick flick this morning in the river, hoping for something decent. The morning didn't start off great as I slept in, but I still managed to ride and arrive at the spot of choice by six. With the tide still running out, I was hopeful of a few baitfish, but I could hardly scrape together enough to continuously fish. Eventually I saw something of interest, a flathead lie. Maybe I will try flicking some lures around here the next time I'm fishing at high tide. I also caught a small flathead and flounder in the net, so clearly some more bottom dwelling fish get around here. 


Flathead Lie

As I continued to grind away for livebait, I saw someone drive by with a fully decked out lure fishing boat, which would be pretty cool to have. I didn't see him catch anything when he was fishing nearby though. Things just seemed to get worse for me though, as I managed to rip a couple of holes in my net that will need to be stitched to fix up. All my livies also kept seeming to get pickered but I never saw any bites.  

After about one and a half hours of fishing for absolutely nothing, I was out of bait and energy. I sorted all my gear out and had a drink, before getting back to netting. Here, I was lucky enough to net a nice size bony bream, which I chucked out on a 4/o circle hook pinned through the nose. I got back to the cast netting, and with no other rods out things weren't looking good... But then, I saw my rod get a couple of distinct hits before buckling over. I jogged back and as the fish went for another long run, I tightened my drag and the fight began. 

It wasn't long before more line was peeling off of my spool, and I was starting to get a bit nervous as the fish was running dangerously close to a very snaggy rocky ledge. Luckily, I managed to turn its head, and it slowly started to come back towards me. A few more cranks and I could see my sinker, then swivel... Sure enough, it was what I wanted! But the fight wasn't over yet, as the thready shot back down into the depths. After about 3 more minutes of fighting with some screaming runs on my 4000 reel, I managed to bend over and grab the fish in the mouth, landing it successfully. Nice. I got a walker to take a couple pics for me, before venting and successfully releasing the fish. The thready came in between 105-110cm, I don't know for sure as I didn't have it perfectly aligned on the brag mat. Although not quite a new PB, still a solid fish, and my first in ages.



It was only about 8:15AM when I had that all sorted, so I netted and fished for a bit longer, catching one catfish, before riding home. On the way home, one of my rods fell through the floor of my bike buggy, and some pipes scratched another one of my rods up pretty bad, but at least I caught that thready. 🙂 

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed. I probably won't be able to go fishing for a few weeks now because of school, so it was a good way to finish up. 


Tide: 1:50AM, 1.4M, High, 8:00AM, .5M, Low, 3:00PM, 2M, High. 

Moon Phase: 40%

Bait Caught/Used: Live mullet, bony bream, silver biddy. 

Fish Caught: Threadfin Salmon x 1, Catfish x 1

Total Damage: Cast net ripped, had to do heaps of cast netting, made hole in bottom of bike buggy, chipped rod. 

Tackle Used: Shimano Symetre on Shimano Sentire Rod, Shimano Stradic on Shimano Raider, Okuma Coronado CDX on Silstar Crystal Powertip, Shimano Baitrunner OC on Jarvis Walker Aurora.   

Air Pressure: 1012

Humidity: 70%

Overall Success Rate: 100% - good session

Cheers Hamish

do you fish albert river much?

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