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Please excuse the late-ness report guys i was out of downloads.

Over the september holidays me and my family made our annual pilgramage to noosa for fishing, sun, fishing and lazying about. Allthough my holiday was cut short due to my un-organised work :angry: i still had a awsome time. I caught plenty of fish both land based and boat based. I even made it into Davos catch of the day a few times and placed second in one of there weekly comps. http://fishingnoosa.com.au/oct0106b.htm thats me holding my biggest bream caught on a hard bodied lure.

Just quickly if you are ever in noosa you must visit davos its one of the best tackle stores in south east queensland. Anyway back to fishing, as i said before i caught plenty of good fish boat baed. Some of my best whitting catches were caught over the holidays. I think i have set my new pb for whiting which is 34cm and 250g when gutted. And boy do they fight good on plastic rods. there were a few more 30+cm whiting caught that day as well. these fish were caught at the mouth of woods bays fishing the sand bank with live sand worms.

heres a photo of a days catch.


In recent times i have focused more in my lure fishing and have had many successfull catches. Allthough i highly reccomend against using 6lb fireline when chasing noosa river mangrove jacks. I lost well over $200 worth of RMG and HALCO lures. My main target at noosa was the loch. There was a good variety of fish to catch there jacks, cod, bream, tailor, flathead and moses perch. I did not confine my lure fishing to the loch, i also fished there river and weyba creek lots and pulled a fair few flathead out but they were all just short of legal.

Here is one of many flathead i caught when i was up there.


I also landed some of the biggest longtom i had ever seen. Me being unorganised i forgot the camera. but i will never forget when i dragged my popper over the sand bank and BANG! and seeing this fish dive clear out of the water. plus the fight good. Also use the sharpest trebels u have to chase these guys.

When i was in the loch i landed several cod and one was allmost legal. I also landed some really small ones. these guys have bloody big mouths and can ingulf and thing. I also noticed that i had more success using smaller lures liek the kokoda tournament gold range as apossed to the RMG and Halco lures.

Heres some of my cod catches.


Ill add some more later but i caught atleast 30 cod. all on Hard bodied lures and i was land based i highly reccomend the loch for anyone new to hard bodied lure fishing. its a great training ground.

Ive also attached a pic of my bream that i got on a halco laser pro 45. It was 36cm long. And fought so hard.

Heres a few lures that i found really successfull

Halco - laser pro 45

RMG - scorpians S 52's & S 35's

Kokoda tournament gold - Sprog Minnows.

All my lures are customised to my liking and that is owner trebels and owner split rings.

I hope you gusy enjoy. Ill add the rest of the pics in the near future.



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