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Glen Cod - The final Report!


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Well I'm home, I'm buggered, and I have to kids for sale - very reasonable rates!

I was all geed up for the trip, having run in to Jimmy Bob on Friday before I left, and talked myself up ;)

Also I had had 3 photo's texted to me Saturday of nice looking yella's, so I was all hyped to go! Got a phone call from Ray telling me his ourboard was shagged, and they were reduced to trolling at 1.5kph on his little electric, so I thought that might put the brakes on the score until I got there. So I dusted off the silver bullet, and hurriedly packed her to go (I was not going to take my boat, but with Ray's seemingly out of action, it was all go!)

Hit the road at first sparrow fart sunday morning, going around the back of somerset, rather than through town. Alex, Calum and I rolled up about lunchtime, to find an empty camp, glassed out conditions, and mild weather.

We were just about finished unpacking when the trio rolled in to camp, bottom lips on them like motherless foals, they had not caught any more fish since saturday morning.

Ray had figured out how to dodge his motor so it would run, but with 6 in camp we still needed the two boats, so we hit the water at 3pm for the arvo session.

The poor old silver bullet took about 15 minutes to get to the gun spot at 8kph, Ray, Ferg and Tom were there and tied up to their favorite tree in about 2 minutes!

So I decided I was just going to drift around, not bother tieing up, it was glassed out, and very little breeze. NO rods rigged or anything, so I had to rig up the boys first, and before I could even get to my own rod, (and much to the disgust of the those in the other boat) this was the result!


Then that was it for the day.

Tom went home that evening, Ferg the next morning early. We hit the Dam in Ray's boat for a few steady yella's through out the day, mostly all on bait. Lures were hard work. However I persisted with the big heavy cod lures, gee my arms are sore now!



Ray had a flat on his trailer wednesday morning, and his spare was a bit sad as well (only the bottom bit though!)So after the moring session we ducked in to Tenterfield to get them fixed.

Obligatory Tourist photo, and back to camp.


We found while we had been away the wind had got up so we did not bother going out for an arvo session. It stayed windy after that for the rest of the trip, we pretty much did not see another fish after that. They shut down.

Ray did manage his first cod, but not quite legal, so back it went.


Random photo's of the trip follow.













Here is a greedy Yella that decided it could handle a 90mm predatek I was casting for cod!


Could barely get the end in his gob!






It was all to much,. these early starts....


Oh, and I almost forgot - just for Jimmy Bob, I'm glad I bought those Stump Jumpers!




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:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:

i was gettin all sad for ya as i scrolled down the pics then that cod.... now im pissin myself.... well done mate.. youll need a holiday to get over the holiday... fantastic report feral

beautiful fish ... how long was it ???


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73cm, but only 15lb Maxi, Brian reckoned it should have been 17 or 18lb for her length, she was a bit thin (for a cod!).

Got her on a blue No.1 Stump Jumper casting in about 10 foot of water. Caught her about 9 - 9:30am on Tuesday morning (I think, its all blurring together now)

She hit like a freight train and scared the crap out of me. Luckily it was the heavy rod, with 30lb braid on the Curado, so while she fought well, I was always in with a good chance!

I was casting in the gaps in the trees, assuming that if there was a gap, maybe there had been a tree there that was now a nice snag on the bottom!

Only problem was when I got to the cleaning table, some young bloke had stolen my thunder, having just finished cleaning a 42lb model, about 1m long by the look of the frame.

I am certainly happy as a pig in mud, also got my photo on the wall in the shop! ;)

PS That Cod also broke my dougnut of about 5 trips straight!

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Brian - Yep first lot of trees on the left side near the caves.

JimmyBob - your welcome ;)

Dino - biggest yella went 53, most around the 40 to 45 mark, smaller than last year (55-60's). Also still that lovely gold colour I have rarely seen anywhere else!

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WOW!:woohoo: Beautiful fish that cod, well done Feral!

Would have got some good size fillets off that for sure:)

Is there a max size on them for keeping (like flatties?)

Love the gold in those goldens...and good to see the kids with a smile and a fish each.

Looks like a very worthwhile trip, well done.


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Here are a few more photos. My motor only played up when it was hot and the weather was hot and it seemed to be fuel related.

I do not know if it is possible for a fuel injected motor to vapour lock but when I pulled off the cowl and dropped a wet towel over the motor for 2 minutes it went like a bird again. Just a bugger to remove the cowl all the time.

I have it booked in with Mike at Coorparoo marine on tuesday so they can hook it up to their diagnostic computer to see what is happening.

Enough winging about motor problems.

The sad part about the trip was that Tom didnt evevn raise a scale.I had my rod next to him and all I had to do was to pick my nose or play with my mobile and bang I was on. Thought I may have gone for a swim at one stage:laugh: .

Thanks for the company Tom and hope you got home safely.

Maybe you can come to Monduran and change your luck.

Here are a few of my photos.

Fergs only fish.


Pretty hard dam to fish there is so much varied structure you just done know where to start.


y little cod caught on green manns deep diver.


Yella. Be on the make up.


Nother yella




At the scales. We were feeling very proud of oursel;ves when we came in to the cleaning tables untill we saw that Brian Dare was helping another angler butcher up a 44 pound cod.


The young fellas kept themselves amused playing with their shanghais. Couldnt get anywhere near the feral goats which only ran off when Alex shot the bow rail of the boat and the noise stampeeded them.


More of the semi tame wildlife which kept the kids amused when they were not lighting giangtic blast furnaces in the barbeques.

Just a note re the cod in Glenlyon. The local stacking group activly encourage the keeping of the larger fish as they preditate on the fingerlings and the the taking of the larger fish encourages the growth of more mid sized fish. The cod breed in the dam and are also stocked at a fairly high rate.

They breed at 50cm long so by the time they are 60cm they have bread at least twice.

Sorry for the rambling disjointed post.



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Thanks for the trip guys, i had a blast even with no fish, i got home safely alright, not a single roo on the road and it only took 3.5 hours,

and awesome fish Andrew, and not to forget Ray, cos a cod is a cod no matter what size :)

and hopefully i can get to monduran at some stage, i need some fish

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jimmybob wrote:

i am now sitting in a pool of my own tears:unsure:

bloody well done guys!...sooo jealous!...hang that stumpjumper up on ya wall!...very happy for ya feral!.....an amzing fish!...congrats mate;)

...and thanx for the nightmares im gunna have tonight!:ohmy:

I hear ya mate, we'll get em one day:blush:

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Great report guys, Great fish for the kids, Great fish for Pop and a fantastic fish for Dad:woohoo:

Well done Ray, Feral and boys. It's great to see 3 generations of the 1 family haveing the time of their lives catching fish together. The thing that great memories are made of.

And well done to Ferg:woohoo: Bad luck Tom, Next time mate;)


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