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sx40 = bass


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this will be short n sweet. tagged along with ray to npd again today after nearly running over everybody 1st up. ended up using an sx40 and fish on, not so long after fish on again and bricked me, and lost it! now i better get ready for tmz.

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After a miserable start driving through the fog we had a really good day. The redclaw were a bit scarce but we ended up with a bucket full so Rob got a feed to take home.

The bass were taking lures and also after unsuccessfully trying a few spots on bait Dino swapped his secret location for a handful of shrimp. We got to see the fishmeister in action getting double hookups and also scored a few ourselves.

We ended up with around 18 legal bass about half on lures and rest on bait.

Here is the fishmeister showing off.



Ps the drive home was worse than the morning. Prang on gateway 2.5 hours to get home so a quick round up of gear and threw it my my other boat ready for classic in am. [img size=500

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