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moreton bay classic


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after driving to the wrong boat ramp we finally got to manly and we were on the water heading to the sunken barge. first drop produced undersize squire :dry: .jammie managed a 40cm squire,things were looking up :) then another one 42cm, that was it while.with jammies rod bending down we thought he might have a descent snapper turned out to be a 52cm cod. but soon the bites just completly stopped,so we moved on to M8 beacon, not much there either ,then out to the tip of moreton,nothing so back to the bardge hoping they would be on the bite ,nothing except for a whiting that later turned out to get 1st place. who would of thought :blink: .but the wheather was beautiful which made for a great day on the water so well done to every one who entered and thanks to john and angus for putting on a great day can't wait for the next one.

photos will be on soon

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