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Hinterland Bass 25/9


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Dropped down to the sons place to babysit the grandkids and to see if the bass had made their way up creek yet. Took the caravan down for a run also as the son had sold his house and while waiting for the new one to be completed he moved into the airconditioned shed, which left us out of our usual bed. Anyway after pruning about 30 assorted fruit trees for him it was time to see if the bass were available. A few had made it up that far but not as many as I would like to see. Surface action was zilch, HBs were not working, so out came the trusty old s/baits in the 1/8th oz size. These slow rolled along the bottom over the rocks and logs accounted for a small handful of small bass which saved me from a donut. Mongrel carp were still in big numbers and my resident red carp was in his usual spot, he was only a metre from my feet, better not be there next trip or he might feel a little prick .

Fish while you can


red devil rion_001.JPG

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