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No, that is because that signature was already there for the member feral. Signatures at the moment still cannot be updated.

Hopefully we can get onto this soon, had a bunch of other things on our plate at the moment which we have recently completed.

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waldo wrote:

Member of

Pine Rivers Fish Management Association

Fraser Coast Fish Stocking Association

Kilcoy Fishing Club (Committee member)

Caboolture River Boat Club

Brisbane Kayak Fishing Club

seeing this at the end of your post that might be a yes :)

Yeah, its needs some altering!

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You can add/update your forum signature by editing your forum profile

1. Go to http://www.australianfishing.com.au/forum/profile/edit

2. Select the Profile Information tab

3. Write a forum signature

Signature Restrictions:

Maximum length: 3 lines

No images (as it makes the forums extremely hard to read_ or cookie requests allowed

*only approved sponsors may have images in signature

You may link to your site, but no affiliate, drug, gambling or pornographic links allowed

No more than 3 links per signature

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